i’m on a seafood diet. i only eat seafood

that’s not how the joke goes lmao

do my weight loss goals seem like a fucking joke to you

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Why are goosebumps called goosebumps

few people know this but there are actually tiny geese trapped under your skin. when you get cold they think it’s time to fly south for the winter so they try to break free and the bumps on your skin are their beaks trying to break through.

trust me. i am a goosologist. i study geese. my wife is a goose. we have three beautiful goose-human hybrid children. don’t judge our love.

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Harry wears bandanas and tight jeans and when he sings everything is so intense and sexy and then 0.2 seconds later he’s doing that thing where he puts his feet really close together and swings his arm and I want to make him some toast and give him a cuddle. Harry really confuses me.

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BBC Radio 1 | Star Caller | 5sos

"We know a lot about English literature"
"It was english language! I know you’re not very good at that Ashton I’ve seen your spelling"

Alright guys everyone go home this girl won.

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